Introducing: Banknotes Industries Bottom 10!


Top 10 Best Butts In Big League History

10) Cornelius “Gluteus Maximus? No, Maxime” Jackson, New York Knockerbickers

9) Jackson “The Superior Posterior” Cornelius, New York Bockerknickers

8) Horace “Arse Poetica” Thunders, Lima (Ohio) Beaneaters

7) Bill Keister, Baltimore Orioles

6) Heinie Manush, Detroit Tigers

5) Elmer “Buns Of” Steele, Boston Red Sox

4) Tom “The All-Upside Backside” McTush, Chicago Chippendales

3) Lee “Tightfitten” Jeans, San Diego Sugarbritches

2) Muchmuch “The Moore The Derriere” Moore, Brooklyn Bridegroomers

And The No. 1 Best Butts In Big League History
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