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Ray: What’s up people, this is Sports Talk Iowa, KICB, home of the Fort Dodge Musketeers, I’m your host, Ray Cleaves, on the air with you until the top of the hour, coming off a disappointing loss to Chatsville to open the homestand, wasting a stellar effort from Navarro in his first start back from the disabled list, going six strong innings allowing just two runs. The Musketeers bullpen woes continue, with Davis giving up a bases-clearing double to Carlos Torres in the top of the eighth after Penbroke walked the bases loaded with nobody out to start the frame. Just a reminder that when the Musketeers lose at home, Anderson and Sons Security Systems remind that you that you don’t have to lose your home to a home burglary. With state-of-the-art features like motion detectors, pressure sensors, and infrared cameras, no threat goes undetected. You and your family can sleep soundly know that Anderson and Sons are always watching. Anderson and Sons: It only takes one.

I’m about to open up the phone lines in just a minute, but first I want to remind our listeners that fan appreciation night is tomorrow night so head on over to section G of the parking lot before the game and say hi to us at the KICB booth where we will be grilling vegan hot dogs courtesy of my producer Danielle and not me. I know the fans do a great job all year, always listening and calling in and supporting the station, and we here at the station want to join the Musketeers in saying a big thank-you. Come by and stuff your gullet with delicious meat-free dogs – no really, we will have more than we could possibly know what to do with. I might set up some games, how about hot dog juggling? How many of these hearty weiners can you keep in the air at once? Or pin the meatless hot dog tail on the donkey? Danielle is shaking her head. I’ll make sure it’s a vegan donkey. I’m sorry Dani, they are great, I’m sure everyone loves them.

Alright we have some callers queued up, while we wait for Dave to come back from the clubhouse let’s go to the phones and take a call, we have Steve on line three, go ahead Steve you’re on the air. Continue reading

Introducing: The Banknotes Industries Call-In Show!

A Talk Radio

Host: Bankie
Callers: callers to Bankie

Host: Hello, caller, you’re on the air with Bankie!

Caller: Hi, Bankie – longtime listener, first-time caller. I’m…

Host: Liar! Mama didn’t raise no fool! Sure, I buy that you’re a first-time caller, but how can you be a longtime listener when this is our first time on the air?

Caller: Fine. Whatever. Listen, this is Roy from the Apex Collection Agency, and I’m calling to….

Host: Hello, next caller. What’s your question?

Caller: Bankie, will you be coming home for Christmas this year?

Host: Ma, I told you not to call me at work.

Caller: I’m making that cheese log you love!

Host: I dunno, Ma. I got warrants there. OK, next caller! You’re on the air with Bankie.
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