Banknotes Industries Middle 10: Middle 10 Middle Infielders from the Middle of the Century: Part 1, The First Five


As you might be able to tell by our posts, we here at Banknotes Industries are enthralled by the concept of mediocrity. It is for that very reason that we bring you this new list of ten players who weren’t great, weren’t terrible, but reside right in the middle.

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Introducing: Banknotes Industries Middle 10!


Top 10 Most Mediocre Players In MLB History

10) Bob “My Middle Name Is Literally Mediocrity” Smith, New York Middlebockers

9) Mel “Meh” Mehlstein, New York Bockermiddles

8) Whitey “Plain Vanilla In A Cup, Not In A Cone” Whiteman, Plano Plainsmen

7) John Middleton, Cleveland Indians

6) Midre “Pretty Much Rhymes With ‘Midway,’ Not Like The Carnival Kind Of Midway But Like The Midway-Between-Good-And-Bad Kind Of Midway” Cummings, seven teams

5) Wes “Common” Stock, Baltimore Orioles

4) Juan “El Mediano” Pascual, Middletown Medians

3) Paul “That’s Mr. Average To You” Pall, Milltown Run-Of-The-Mills

2) Orr D. Nary, Normal (Ill.) Pedestrians

And The No. 1 Most Mediocre Player In MLB History
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