It’s the End of Season, Awards!

Around this time last year, the Right Honourable Brian, Lord Reinhart, W.B.E. &c. laid before the Commentariat and consortium the prospect and duty of electing the 2015 Banknotes Industries MVP.  Perhaps he shall raise the banner again in 2016; though as he is at present in repose, bare-chested and slathered with a thick, red wine mushroom sauce highlighted with hints of honey dijon, the haste with which he is at leisure to address said task is decidedly limited.  In the spirit of golden gloves and silver slugs, we shall entertain a metaphorical writerly mound visit and hand out some lesser hardware to stall.

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Announcing the 2015 Banknotes Industries Most Valuable Player

BNIMVPThe people have spoken! Over 75 loyal Banknotes Industries readers (79!) have cast votes in our poll for 2015 Most Valuable Player. This after our authors stumped for their candidates: the wiley Christian La Fontaine for drinking-game inspiration Harold Reynolds, and the formidable Casey Singer for Daniel Norris, the entire Chicago White Sox organization, and Mystery Baseball Figure. Singer may have split his own vote: his future-telling creation of Bruce Springsteen was another nominee.

In the end, the results were clear and unmistakable. The election was, in fact, a landslide. One of the 11 candidates received over 30% of the vote.

But first, let’s take a look at the write-in votes!

  • “Brian Daubach,” [nothing after the comma]
  • “Joe Buck, for patchy blonde winter beards”
  • “I’d like to do a write-in for Mark “The Lemmer” Lemke.”
  • “Jose Bautista, for a legendary addition to Great Moments in Batflips.”
  • “Boris Conegliano, for expertise in marketplace alphadoggedness, yielding finest crop of purchase baseballs”

Jose Bautista is an inspired choice. I have, however, no clue who the hell Boris Conegliano is, and Google isn’t helping. Still, one must acknowledge his excellent crop of purchase baseballs.

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Please to Cast Votes for BNI Most Valuable Player Awarding

Our crack team of voting experts, hard at work.

Our crack team of voting experts, hard at work.

Your nominations have been heard in the race for 2015 Banknotes Industries Most Valuable Player. We have also heard the dulcet voice of Christian La Fontaine build the case for worthy contender Harold Reynolds, and the redoubtable Casey Singer make cases for no fewer than three candidates, one of whom, much like the Padres infield, is a mysterious, murky unknown.

Now it is your turn.

Click on this bold and righteous link to cast your vote for BNI MVP. Don’t hesitate to alert Banknotes Industries’ small, industrious information technology team, comprised of a well-beered but shockingly professional Englishman, should the voting system malfunction.

There is a text box available for you to sound off on what ye will. This is also a place for write-in answers. Amusing answers will likely be published. Abuse of power is welcomed.

BNI MVP Post From Me

Perhaps it has taken a week from the conclusion of the World Series to assemble this post not because I have been busied in weightier affairs, but because one must take time to ponder what qualifies an individual or group thereof as most valuable in the eyes of the Banknotariate.  What, after all, is Banknotes Industries?  Is it a haven for the NotGraphs diaspora, scattered before the fire of Titus Futuitor Cistullius, gathered once more in a place kind to the joining of baseball and humor – a people who appreciate statistics both simple and advanced but without the dogmatic mania of a Brian Kenny?  Is it an extension of the misunderstood mythology of Banknotes Harper, brainchild of Dayn Perry and an eager photographer, creation of a Frankenstein who had the sense to snuff its flame before it destroyed the village, master and idol of a world beyond our financial ken – and if so on what side of the divide of understanding do we hold court?  Has it become its own entity, unmaking its umbilical connection to such notorious progenitors, molded unique – and if so what is its personality: Irregularly updated?  Of many contributors?  Low-paying?

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Time to Nominate the Banknotes Industries MVP!

Commentariat, friends, enemies! The time has come to nominate a baseball player, baseball executive, or otherwise baseballing-related personage as the 2015 Banknotes Industries MVP!

Please submit nominations in the comment section. There is no restriction on nominations whatsoever, except that your nominee should have done some great deed, or shown a consistent pattern of deedery, consistent with the spirit and ethos of Banknotes Industries. My fellow BNI writers may, in the following days, choose to make the case for their nominee(s) (nudge, nudge).

I shall begin the proceedings by nominating (1) Bartolo Colon and (2) this plucky New York Mets fan: Continue reading