Banknotes Industries Portable Podcast For Pounding: Episode 1


Back in October I announced that a Banknotes Industries podcast would be on the way shortly. Well two months later it’s finally here! Or at least the pilot episode is.

So head on over to Google Drive and give it a listen, if you like it already great! If not please keep in mind, this is the first podcast I’ve ever hosted, I give you my word that I will improve.

If you have an insight on a better way to host the file than Soundcloud that suggestion would also be much appreciated.


Introducing: The Banknotes Industries Podcast!

A Studio LIght

Host: me
Guest: him

Host: Welcome, sir, to the inaugural BNI podcast. We’re glad to have…

Guest: Where’s my money?

Host: Your what?

Guest: My money. The appearance fee, jackass.

Host: Well, you’re not really appearing, are you. I mean, this is a podcast.

Guest: Your producer told me I’d get paid. 

Host: My producer? Oh, that was my friend Steve. He’s kind of a liar.

Guest: Well, I … 

Host: Do you want some BNI Bucks? 

Guest: BNI Bucks?

Host. Yeah, BNI Bucks. 

Guest: What can I do with BNI Bucks?

Host: Nothing, really. I suppose you could make some sort of origami.

Guest: OK, man, I’m out of here. 

Host: Well, actually, you’re not. Steve just sold your car. 

Guest: He sold my car?

Host: Yeah, he sold your car. The blue Jetta?

Guest: Yeah, the blue Jetta.

Host: Yeah, he sold it.

Guest: He…

Host: He’ll call you a cab later, or maybe a bus. Would you like him to call you a bus? Because Steve will totally call you a bus.

{Distant voice: Dude, you’re a bus!}

Guest: OK, this is just…

Host: So, what do you think of the baseball season thus far?

Guest: Well, it’s early yet.

Host: It is. It really is.