Old Man Confused by Newfangled Eye Dropper Technology

When I wrote a post on Sunday called “Old Man Confused by Newfangled Poncho Technology,” I didn’t realize it was going to inspire a series. And I definitely didn’t expect installment #2 to go up mere days later. And I certainly didn’t expect that #2 was also going to feature a fan at a Washington Nationals home game.

But you know what? Nats fans need help. And here’s more proof.


Old Man Confused by Newfangled Poncho Technology

Land sakes! iPods, iPads, it’s all so confusing. And now we have to figure out these new “poncho” things too?! I tell ya. Modern technology has gone too far. You need your grandson to figure out how to use it. Hey you kids, behind me, yeah you, taking your selfers with your phone cameras and twitting all your friends on the Faceblog. Why don’t you help an old man out and teach me how to program this poncho thing? You stick your hand in the slot, right? Like a VCR?

Gee whiz. Kids these days and their fancy techno-clothes. Heavens to Betsy.

Hat tip to Deadspin for pointing out this video.