All-Time Leaderboards for Players Named Lip, Tripp, Bip, Skip, Flip, Tip, Chip, Kip, Rip, and Zip

FanGraphs Batting Leaderboard, All-Time (for players named Lip, Tripp, Bip, Skip, Flip, Tip, Chip, Kip, Rip, and Zip)

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FanGraphs Pitching Leaderboard, All-Time (for players named Lip, Tripp, Bip, Skip, Flip, Tip, Chip, Kip, Rip, and Zip)

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  • On the pitching board, Skip Schumaker ranks 18th of 21. Skip Schumaker is not a pitcher.
  • On the batting board, Kip Wells ranks 8th of 38. Kip Wells is not a batter. He ranks higher than Skip Schumaker in both hitting and pitching.
  • Taking this a step further, Kip Well’s 2007 season with the Cardinals features a better AVG, SLG, wOBA, line drive %, and hard-hit ball % than Skip Schumaker’s career numbers.
  • Players named Zip lived up to their names. Zip Collins stole 15 bases, and Zip Zabel stole 2 even though he was a pitcher.
  • Which name is cooler: Rip Vowinkel, or Zip Zabel?
  • Tip O’Neill, who is ranked the most valuable player ever to be named Lip, Tripp, Bip, Skip, Flip, Tip, Chip, Kip, Rip, or Zip, is not the same Tip O’Neill who later became Speaker of the House of Representatives.
  • Without a doubt, the worst player to ever be named Lip, Tripp, Bip, Skip, Flip, Tip, Chip, Kip, Rip, or Zip is catcher Skip Jutze, who, in the 1970s, played in parts of six seasons, with a career slash line of .215/.253/.259. In addition to below-average defense, Skip Jutze hit three career home runs, all in his sixth and final season, and stole exactly one base. This ties his stolen base total with Kip Wells’.

Baseball Player Names and What Other Profession They Sound Like


Inspired by a comment I made on FanGraphs

  • Bo Schultz: aging, white-bearded jazz guitar player from Denmark
  • J. Dansby Swanson: slick-talkin’ east coast type who walks into a Wild West saloon with a dubious scheme, played by George Clooney
  • Brock Holt: the lanky sheriff who shoots J. Dansby Swanson, played by Sam Elliott
  • Preston Tucker: Chris Tucker’s little brother
  • Robbie Ray: trailer park maintenance man
  • Danny Salazar: ultra-handsome 1940s character actor who is actually white and changed his name from Staskiewicz to hide his Ukrainian Jewish background
  • John Ryan Murphy: serial killer
  • Jimmy Nelson: game show host who wears a hideous 1960s-style three-piece suit and a permanent pizza-slice-sized toothy grin
  • Paul Goldschmidt: Deputy Finance Minister of Luxembourg
  • Gerald D. “Buster” Posey: Prohibition-era rum-runner and rival of Al Capone
  • Mookie Betts: NBA legend who once held the record for most steals in one game
  • George Springer: Civil War Union cavalry general with fearsome mustache
  • Shelby Miller: ditto, but for the Confederates
  • Sonny Gray: a horse

Readers! Add to this list with reckless abandon!

VOTE NOW for the Coolest Name in Baseball!

Yes! The Cool Name Power Rankings series is over and it’s your turn to VOTE! Use the handy gigantic bracket below, which I lazily created in Microsoft Paint instead of Google Image searching a real bracket. I’ve added a Wild Card contender to every group. Read, deliberate, then come back and comment with your Final Four and Grand Champion!

Democracy in action. May the coolest name win!

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2015 Cool Name Power Rankings: Relief Pitchers

This series is now almost complete! Only one thing remains to be done: voting on the winners.
Part I: Infielders
Part II: Outfielders & DHs
Part III: Starting Pitchers
Part IV: Relief Pitchers, in this post

Honorable Mentions for Guys Whose First or Last Name is Cool, but Not the Other Name
C.J. Riefenhauser
Kevin Quackenbush
Andrew McKirahan
Justin De Fratus
Bobby LaFromboise
Marc Rzepczynski
Al Alburquerque

Pretty Good Nominees for “Whitest Name Ever”
Chasen Shreve
Carter Capps
August C. Schlosser

Special Category for Names That Are Also Commands
David Goforth

The Top Seventeen!
17. Kelvin DeJesus Herrera Mercado
16. Grayson O’Neil Garvin
15. Burke Heinrich Badenhop
14. Lisalverto Bonilla
13. Jenrry Manuel Mejia
12. Dellin Betances
11. Dequam LaWesley Wright
10. Rex Coleman Brothers
9. Jeurys Familia
8. Mayckol Martin Guaipe Vicent
7. Radhames Corey Liz
6. Stolmy Ramon Pimentel
5. Albertin Aroldis Chapman de la Cruz
4. Kirby Kali Yates
3. Kenley Geronimo Jansen
2. Samuel J. Tuivailala
1. Arquimedes Euclides Caminero

2015 Cool Name Power Rankings: Starting Pitchers

It’s time for Part 3 of the Cool Name Power Rankings!
Part I: Infielders
Part II: Outfielders and DHs

Honorable Mention
There are simply too many great last names coupled to boring first names, or vice versa, to list here. You can name ten or fifteen, including Cy Young contenders (like Jeff Samardzija). But I’ll give a shout-out to perhaps the least famous example, Mike Kickham.

Special Citation for Full Name Being Five Billion Times Cooler Than Commonly-Used Nickname
Lancelot Lynn

Last Name Least Likely to Describe Team’s Clubhouse Atmosphere
Ben Lively, Philadelphia Phillies

Alliteration Champion
Daniel Richard “Danny Dicky” Duffy

Least Cool Name Imaginable
Madison Kyle Bumgarner

Top Fourteen!
14. Jameson Lee Taillon
13. Yovani Gallardo
12. Bartolo Colon
11. Hisashi Iwakuma
10. Roenis Elias
9. Yusmeiro Alberto Petit
8. Hyun-Jin Ryu
7. Douglas Wildes Fister
6. Masahiro Tanaka
5. Vance Richard Worley
4. Tsuyoshi Wada
3. Raisel Iglesias Travieso
2. Randall Asher Wojciechowski
1. Odrisamer Despaigne Orue

2015 Cool Name Power Rankings: Outfielders and Designated Hitters

It’s time for Part Two of the 2015 Cool Name Power Rankings! The first installment covered infielders; now we’re talking about outfielders and designated hitters. Note: names which have already appeared will not re-appear here.

And another note: one team managed to get all three of its starting outfielders into this post, including two outfielders in the top 4!

Honorable Mentions for Guys Whose First or Last Name is Cool, but Not the Other Name
Randal Alexander Grichuk
Chris Denorfia
Avisail Garcia
Odubel Herrera
Christian Yelich
Rusney Castillo
Joey Terdoslavich

Voted Most Likely to Be a Mafia Foot Soldier
Jimmy Paredes

Person You’re Most Likely to Google to See What His Middle Initial Is
Kevin Kiermaier

Most Disappointing When You Find Out It’s Pronounced “Jeff”
Jaff Decker Continue reading

2015 Cool Name Power Rankings: Infielders

It’s time for the Third or Fourth Annual Cool Name Power Rankings! You may remember that for three or four years I’ve been posting these Cool Name Power Rankings in the comments sections over at FanGraphs. Now we’re promoting them to a full post series! This first installment covers all MLB infielders.

Moment of Sadness for Potential Champion Who Will Tragically Be Injured All Year
Jurickson Barthelomeus Profar

Honorable Mentions for Guys Whose First or Last Name is Cool, but Not the Other Name
Andrew Susac
Yan Gomes
Jose Lobaton
Josh Phegley
Jacob Tyler Realmuto
Marwin Gonzalez
Asdrubal Cabrera
Tyler Saladino
Ben Zobrist
Luis Adan Valbuena

For Example, Here is a Really Cool Name You Could Make by Merging Two of Those Guys
Asdrubal Saladino

Special Citation for Having Not Two But Three Last Names
Tucker Jackson Barnhart

Special Citation for Nickname Turning Full Name into an Absurdity
James Benjamin “Tuffy” Gosewisch Continue reading