Who is Luke Wilkins and Why is He on My Fantasy Team?

He seems like a fine fella, but what is he doing here?

He seems like a fine fella, but what is he doing here?

I don’t claim to be a fantasy baseball expert. I consider myself adept at baseball analysis, though. And despite being perhaps too much of an optimist when it comes to prospects, and I cannot understand what great whirlwind of prospect fever overtook me on August 7, 2014, when I deliberately acquired Luke Wilkins.

Auditing my offseason roster yesterday, I came across this fellow whose name rang no bells. Upon Googling, I found @LukeyLuke6, a pitcher playing in the Australian pro leagues. He has no identifiable connection to Major League Baseball.

I contacted Niv Shah, who runs Ottoneu, and asked him if perhaps this was a placeholder player, a fill-in for, say, Kenta Maeda — because maybe I was being super smart and aggressive. His response:

I can’t… I can’t imagine why this happened. We don’t have any “official” placeholders, so…

I have spent months harboring an Australian swingman on my fantasy roster. I dare you to have executed a more head-scratching fantasy blunder.