MLB Fashion Update: Looking Cool in the Cold

You don’t need to possess a Trout-level meteorological know-how to conclude that a handful of Major League Baseball games were played in sub-optimal temperatures. In Tuesday’s Astros-Yankees contest, the teams battled in 39 degree cold in the Bronx, and ice had to be removed from the field prior to the afternoon start.


Lost in the chilly drama but thankfully uncovered by our watchful fashionistas was a stellar ensemble worn by New York Yankees second baseman Starlin Castro. Castro kept warm in style, as a Nike undershirt and New York Yankees officially-licensed balaclava (which is on sale at the Yankees’ team store for a paltry $478.99) expertly complimented Pro Tech flip-up sunglasses. The larger New Era Yankees Fitted Hat was a damning rebellion against traditional cap-wearing styles and will be a sweeping trend in headwear this year.

Despite overwhelming criticism cast upon Major League Baseball’s decision to hold so many games in early April in the frigid Northeast, the MLB reclaimed a substantial victory in setting the standard for winter fashion for 2016. Or, in other words, a sunglasses emoji and two thumbs up!

MLB Fashion Update: Hot Hats!

Welcome to this week’s episode of Ooh, Shit! That’s Fashion. I’m your host, BeLaShange, and this week we’re talking about baseball player hats. That’s right, you’re thinking, not those stupid caps you see guys wear on the subway, right? Noooo-o. We’re talking real baseball players today, for our featured segment, Cutting Edge or Tacky?

Well I lied to you because our first baseball player is wearing baseball caps! But he’s doing something new with them and I think you’re gonna like it. It’s Ben Miller, designated hitter for Nebraska.


Now that looks to me like that’s about 20 hats stacked on top of Ben Miller’s head! I like it. I like the statement he’s making, you can’t put me in the game, I have this wildly impractical baseball cap on my head! It’s subversive, he’s wearing the uniform but he’s making it disobedient. Naughty! So I’m going to say Cutting Edge.

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