Live From the Winter Meetings


“Good afternoon, Greg. Hello, Harold. I’m reporting live from Black’s Beach in La Jolla, California, beneath the high bluffs of Torrey Pines just north of San Diego proper. If we can pan up … yes, that’s it … pan up to the cliffs there, you’ll see the sandstone ascend some 300 feet to the Torrey Pines Municipal Golf Course and the Torrey Pines Gliderport. Which is why … pan up a bit more … good … which is why you see those colorful gliders tracing elegant arabesques against the blue Pacific sky.

“Yes, Greg, these Southern Californians really are free spirits. Well said.

“Now, if we can pan around to the water here, you’ll see the white foam sliding softly to a gently angled shoreline – the eastern stop, if you will, of the mighty Pacific Ocean. That’s 63.8 million square miles of seawater, gentleman, reaching out to tickle my bare feet upon these fine yellow sands – truly an awesome thing to consider.

“That’s right, Harold. Southern California is just so ‘California.’ No doubt about it.

“Now, if we can … let me get situated … if we can pan back around toward the bluffs again and … OK, good … and get me into frame, you’ll see that as I stand here today, on the sunny shores of La Jolla’s Black’s Beach, I am completely and utterly naked.

“Yes, Greg. That really is my ‘dingus,’ as you say. What, you think I rented one?
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