Japanese Baseball Commercial Explores the Idea of Asphalt Raspberries

Many a thanks to Tim Souers for passing along this video commercial in his post “Kris Bryant’s Bangs will be the cool new look.”


  • 0:25 Businesswoman redirects accountant’s fastball; hits screaming line drive towards 5th Street.
  • 0:39 Innoue from product testing makes a sliding grab, but it’s a trap; he jumps to his feet and throws the ball; his clothing is destroyed, as is the place where he used to keep the skin on his chest.
  • 0:45 Tall woman wearing dress regrets her clothing decisions; Tokyo is no place for fashion when the red button has been pushed.
  • 1:00 In a classic baseball blunder, the ball bounces into the narrow gap between Kuri San’s Noodle Emporium and the old abandoned seamstress’s place; Takashi doesn’t think twice about enormous Tokyo rats or infectious garbage diseases; he is a willing sacrifice for the cause.
  • 1:20 In keeping with the Hollywood trope, the black man is the first one ejected.
  • 1:27 So begins four seconds of pain.
  • 1:57 Toyota misses a platinum-level bat flip opportunity.