The Next Banknotes Industries Theme Week: Serious* Voting Begins

You know things are getting bad around here — and by “bad” I mean “desperate” and by “desperate” I mean “oh, shit” — when a Banknotes Industries writer is forced by circumstance and a lack of imagination to cut-’n-paste one of his own comments (from one of his own posts!) into a new and more hastily constructed post in efforts to satisfy the unwritten but heavily enforced BNI quota of “um, yeah, let’s try to write at least one post per week, shall we, fellas?”

Not to reveal how the sausage is made, but this is how the sausage is made: We sit around watching reruns of Dharma & Greg while hoping somebody else writes a post, thereby freeing the rest of us, either on a collective or individual basis, to continue watching Dharma & Greg. Granted, there was this one time when I, personally, tried to rally the writerly troops by creating a weeklong writer’s retreat intended to generate a large and exciting array of content, but not a single writer accepted my Evite to SausageFest.
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