Got a hot baseball news story that needs the crack analysis and hard-hitting insight of Banknotes Industries? Did Adam Dunn stick his tongue to a frozen flagpole? Did Jose Altuve get stuck in a washing machine? Does Bartolo Colon continue to exist?

Send your tips to the Banknotes Industries Investigative Investigation Team Hot Hotline (BNIIITHH) (correct pronunciation: BNIIITHH). Banknotes Harper will personally contact his hardworking minions to ensure they give your tip the kind of serious consideration you would expect from the hardworking, serious writers at Banknotes Industries.

Email your tips to: banknotesharper [at] gmail [dot] com

9 thoughts on “Hotline

    • Thanks for the tip! Rest assured Banknote’s personal squad of wizards has already begun to restore said magic, and the tactical response team is being scrambled as we speak to ensure adequate strike back.

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