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Best Baseball Bats: The Best Bats Available In Market 2022

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Easton SL16MKT8 Mako Torq 

Easton is a well-known name on the market for sports equipment, and the structure of the company has allowed them to be quite innovative in the design of their products, coming out with multiple great models over the years. They’re currently one of the dominating brands on the market for baseball, slowpitch and fast pitch bats, and their products across all price ranges are enjoying a great reputation.

The SL16MKT8 can be a bit expensive for a first-time bat, but it’s definitely a worthwhile investment if you’re looking for something that will last a long time and will not lose any of its durability for quite a while.

The handle features a nice, comfortable grip, and the bat is designed with fast swings and a nice pop in mind. The sweet spot can feel a bit small depending on your preferred playing style, but it’s still a solid, reliable choice that more than justifies its price in the end.

Cold Steel Brooklyn Smasher

Despite only having been on the market for a little under four decades, Cold Steel has become one of the most prominent companies on the market for sharp tools and baseball bats. While their models typically don’t shine with a lot of precision engineering, they more than make up for that with their durable builds, low cost, and excellent customer service.

A polypropylene bat designed with longevity in mind, the Brooklyn Smasher is one of Cold Steel’s finer products, and is a particularly good deal when you consider its low price. There’s a lot to be said about the durability of this piece, but it takes some real playing experience to truly get a sense of what it’s like to hold an indestructible baseball bat in your hands.

No matter how much abuse you throw its way, the Brooklyn Smasher will prevail. Other than that, it’s a very solid bat with great properties for both advanced as well as beginner players, and at a price like that, you can’t really go wrong even if you rarely touch it after the initial purchase.

Easton S500

If you can get a good deal on it, the SL14S500 is easily one of the best bats you can buy in this price range. Even at its default price it still has a lot to offer, but there are some better options on the market nowadays that have pushed it aside a little bit. However, if you do go with this model, you’ll find that it offers a great feeling in your hands, its pop is fantastic, and the bat is quite nicely balanced too.

Definitely a top choice for those who want something more durable and also more flexible for their complex plays, and while you will have to dig a bit more deeply in your pockets for it, you will definitely not feel disappointed by what you get for that price in the end.

Rawlings BBR53

Rawlings are known for their continuous innovations and their ability to breathe new life into concepts that were starting to get outdated and borderline obsolete. The company has a strong technological edge, and they keep using that with great results year after year, producing solid bats that have, for the most part, managed to withstand the test of time, as many of their older models are still relevant today.

The BBR53-3 5150 is a well-balanced, BBCOR certified model that offers a good hit and a lightweight feel in your hands. The sweet spot is very large and easy to get a sense of, and once you’re used to swinging the bat, you’ll never miss a solid hit.

The bat has some issues with its durability, as some buyers have reported that it doesn’t last very long under more active use, and if you additionally don’t put the time into proper maintenance of your equipment, you may find it in a problematic state pretty quickly. Still, at its price, it’s definitely not a bad deal even if you do end up breaking it.

Marucci One MCB1

Marucci Sports is specialized in producing baseball bats, and even though the company hasn’t been on the market that long – about fifteen years now – they’ve already made a strong name for themselves, and the brand enjoys a lot of respect among players of all ranks. The durability and reliability of their products is hard to beat, and Marucci also tend to have some very reasonable prices on most of their products.

The bat’s balance is great for fast swings and it helps accelerate your hand a lot. If you already have a fast hit, this model will make things significantly easier for you when you’re trying to get a strong hit on the ball, and the sweet spot is not hard to get used to either.

On the other hand, the pop leaves a lot to be desired and doesn’t really justify the price of the bat. If you’re into the more aesthetical part of a good bat, then this might not be the ideal choice for you, even though its actual playing performance is otherwise top notch. Additionally, some users may find the sweet spot’s positioning to be a bit too awkward depending on how the bat is held and what your specific playing style is, but this is mostly down to personal preferences.

Combat VIGSL110

Combat are one of the companies on the market with a strong attention to detail, and they’ve consistently proven their care for their core customers over and over again with multiple quality releases. While their models tend to be relatively inexpensive, they also usually offer a great value for their price, and are among the favorite brands of amateur players.

The VIGSL110 is a great all-around bat with a special focus on its grip quality. If you want to get a solid handle on your bat and make sure that you’re in full control of every swing, then this is the model for you. On the other hand, the bat itself is made from high-grade composite material, and it has a great feeling on every hit.

You’ll notice that your shots tend to go very far with this model, as it’s designed to maximize compression and send the ball as far as possible. Combined with its huge sweet spot and its great pop, this is a fantastic bat offered at a relatively low price, which should easily fit the needs of even the most pretentious players.

Louisville Slugger BBCOR Omaha 516

Hillerich & Bradsby is the original designer and manufacturer of the famous Louisville Slugger bats, although the brand is being transferred to the Wilson company recently. Still, buyers shouldn’t expect any changes in the build quality of the models they’re buying, and they should always be able to count on the line’s famous durability, pronounced pop and great sweet spots.

The Omaha 516 is a BBCOR certified model in the famous Louisville Slugger line, and anyone that’s heard of these bats before should know exactly what to expect. Still, the manufacturer surprised their fans with some new improvements in the design, including a better, lighter alloy, and a more flexible material used in the grip.

These features all come together in a combination that will leave you wanting more and more after each hit, and you may find yourself stuck on the field for quite some time. Make no mistake, this is an investment that will last you a very long time if you take proper care of it.

Mizuno Bamboo Elite Wood

A Japanese company with a strong tradition, Mizuno are known for their relatively inexpensive, yet excellent in performance bat models. Some people claim that Mizuno have a slightly outdated view on some of their marketing practices, but on the other hand, the company is more than competent with modern technology and they definitely know how to integrate contemporary solutions into their new releases.

The 2014 Bamboo Elite is a classic wooden bat with a traditional pop like you would expect from a model with this design. Users tend to be very positive about the weight factor and overall speed performance of the bat, and its visual design has received some moderate praise over the years as well. In fact, this bat seems to mark a bit of a transitional period for Mizuno, as they have been focusing more and more on the aesthetic aspect of their products lately.

On the other hand, some may find the sweet spot of the bat a bit difficult to locate, but once you’ve nailed it down, you should be able to get a nice clean hit with every swing. The bat does admittedly take some getting used to, but after that it’s a solid hitter that should be a trusty companion for your everyday play.


DeMarini are a tightly specialized company with a relatively short market presence until now, but that hasn’t stopped them from making a big splash with many of their products, establishing a solid permanent name for the brand in the history of baseball. They only produce baseball bats, and they definitely have a strong sense for what makes a good product of this type.

A bat that’s ideally suited for taller players due to its specific length/weight ratio, the 2014 Vexxum is a great offer by DeMarini that has the potential to last a long time due to its durable build and sturdy materials. The bat also offers a reliable performance and can give you predictable results with every hit. Once you’ve found the sweet spot, it can be very easy to land consistent powerful hits and see great results on the field, even if you’re relatively new to the game.

On the other hand, the price won’t set you back too much compared to other bats of its kind, making it an ideal investment for those who aren’t quite sure what they are looking to get, but want something they can definitely rely on.

Easton Z-Core HMX 3

Last but definitely not least, we have another solid offer from Easton with many advanced features for the experienced player willing to spend a little more. One of the notable features of the bat is the design of its grip, which will not only provide you with steady control of your swings, but will last a long time under harsh use as well.

There’s a lot that can be said about the craftsmanship that’s gone into this model, but those who’re already familiar with Easton probably don’t need a lot of explanation in this regard anyway.

Another strong point about this model is that the technology used in its barrel can offer an amazing performance even at longer lengths, and you’ll get a lot more direct feedback on all your swings. It’s definitely one of the better bats on the market right now as far as the aesthetics are concerned, and this of course also includes the visual design of the bat, which is outstanding for a model in its price range.

Considering that all other aspects of the model are top notch as well, this is easily one of the best solutions right now if you’re looking for something relatively inexpensive, yet with a lot of potential for those who know how to use it correctly and have a bit more experience with the game.

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