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  • Weekend Wrap-up (on Wednesday)

    by Casey Singer These things all happened. Chicago SP Chris Sale to miss a start after injuring his trade value.  Relying on rumor, we will confirm that the hurler’s fashion objection led to suspension, such a sartorial outburst not seen since the ’60s and the burning of the jock straps.  If the reports are anything close […]

  • The Five Least Likely Players to be Traded by Today’s Deadline

    by John Paschal 5. Blind Lemon Lemon: A great-grandson of one-time ace Bob Lemon, Lemon owns a blistering fastball and lethal changeup and would seem a good fit for any contending team in the stretch run. But it is Lemon’s 70/70 vision, caused by too much Hentai porn, that has caused most teams to shy away from […]