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Reveals Secret to Buying Hockey Equipment

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How much are you spending each year to outfit your future hockey star? $500? More?

Tired of answering THE most frequently asked question, “How do I get the BEST VALUE for my child’s hockey equipment,” Coach Dennis Chighisola’s has decided to fully outline the secret in an easy to download “E-book”. Coach Chic, as he is known by his players, is also the author of several coaching manuals and magazine advice columns for “Hockey/USA” and “Better Hockey”.

The comprehensive 21 paged E-book sells for a nominal $19.95, but is being introduced at only $9. It is available at The E-book should save you significantly more than $9 on your first purchase. If not completely satisfied, a complete refund is available within one year of purchase.

The E-book covers equipment needs for all levels and ages. The concise and direct tips are invaluable for beginners to advanced level players (and their parents). Readers learn where to invest the most time and money, as well as where to save. Parents won’t make needless purchases and they’ll be more informed about the ones they do make.

You will learn the difference between hockey’s protective gear and it’s most important “tools”. You will also learn the affects equipment has on learning ability, with particular focus on the skates and stick. Additionally, you will learn how to prepare in advance for those unexpected, but inevitable equipment failures.

Learn how to troubleshoot your own skate and hockey stick problems. Learn some critical equipment factors that can influence your skating, puckhandling and shooting. Gain special insight into the ways gear can be modified to great advantage. Learn enough about equipment purchases to save the cost of this program many times over!

Coach Dennis Chighisola is the author of several coaching manuals and magazine advice columns for “Hockey/USA” and “Better Hockey”. He holds a Physical Education Degree, and highest rating of USA Hockey, Master Coach. In addition to studying at the Moscow Institute for Sport in the USSR, the coach has over a decade of high school and college head-coaching experience.

As the Director of the New England Hockey Institute for the last 30 years Coach Chighisola is the creator of “A TOTAL MASTERY SYSTEM.” His program includes the philosophy and all of the drill-progressions he has used to send hundreds of players on to top high school, junior, college and pro teams.

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